Kieron Ultra Runner


Kieron Ultra Runner

What is the La Ultra -The High all about?


Running the Highest Ultra Marathon in the World






Kieron's EVENTS

Great Ultra in the Blue Mountains ..  2015 4th Time not the best day at the Office Finished....  just a training run for the big one 222K  16 -8 -15


After the dust has settled on the race of his life, Scotty Hawker has taken some time to run us all through how his The North Face 100 - Australia adventure unfolded!

A wonderful read, enjoy!

Scott's race report:…/the-north-face-100-aus…

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Running 7 days in the Sahara Desert Self Supported 250K - 50 Deg C, carrying all your food and supplies, except water for a week. Marathon every day except day 5 the long march 86 K.. finished with a 3 K around the Pryaminds..

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